Google Pushes Full Release of New Location Dashboard & Improved Q & A Notifications

Google has broadly pushed the new location dashboard to almost all accounts. And in doing so seems to have finally provided a near real time notification for (the long missing) Questions and Answers.

The new location dashboard, using a card approach to highlight important activities and calls to action for a given listing, was first seen last December. In the past few days it has been noted on Twitter as being seen more broadly (h/t Jeffrey Magner).

New Location Dashboard – click to view larger – note that the cards highligh important updates and task for the location.

More importantly Google seems to have updated their notifications capability and are now send alerts to new questions and answers appearing on a business’s Knowledge Panel.  The email allows for instant reporting of the question if it is inappropriate.

When a question has been answered, a notification is also sent in real time.

These notifications will make managing Q & A much, much easier for single & several location businesses.

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Google Pushes Full Release of New Location Dashboard & Improved Q & A Notifications by

6 thoughts on “Google Pushes Full Release of New Location Dashboard & Improved Q & A Notifications”

  1. Thanks for the mention Mike. I’m seeing descriptions now in all listings, and also for opening dates. I’ve never encountered Questions & Answers for any business, nor have I ever witnessed this function as a user on Google. It’s as if all your posts about it are some April Fools thing. I keep watching out for it.

  2. @Jeffrey
    Frequency of Q and A is very category specific.

    Frequency is as high as 90% in big box retail like Hone Depot and Walmart. The typical Walmart has 15 questions – see this Walmart.

    Car dealers are at about 60% down to insurance agents at about 5%.

    The best way to see them is to go into the local finder and click through 6 or 7 listings.

  3. I noticed that the notifications now tell you who left the question. Until now, they left all questions as anonymous, no name. Also, the public can now see who asked which question. Sometime to keep in mind if a business owner is about to ask themselves several questions. 😎 Still unsure if a keyword optimized answer will help the business at all.

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