Moz Local 2017 Presentation – Are Words the New Links?

LocalU and Moz have just completed a two day local workshop in Seattle. Day 1 was a LocalU Workshop and day 2 provided a day full of keynotes. Both days included great content, new ideas and great networking opportunities.

To get a sense of my 10,000′ thinking about the Google Local algo read this article that Davi Mihm and I did at Streetfight: How Does Google Determine the Authority of Local Entities?

To get specifics of how I think it is working review my presentation from day 2:

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Moz Local 2017 Presentation - Are Words the New Links? by

10 thoughts on “Moz Local 2017 Presentation – Are Words the New Links?”

  1. I second Andy’s comments above. The presentation on your blog clearly doesn’t include detail and depth from a live presentation.

    Having engaged in some experiments as described above (including that one) it is interesting to see the semantic effect on visibility and certain kinds of search phrases. Now here is a different one:

    Check for search phrases such as best pizza (your town) best sandwich (your town) etc etc.

    What I’ve been noting (not a comprehensive study) is that usually I see a 3 pac and the choice of the 3 definitely comes out of comments/semantics in various review sites and media. In fact to the extent I’ve checked 5 different food smb’s I am seeing these semantic references.

    I also suspect that the entities whose language is weighted includes some sites but not all. Its clearly worthwhile to know which review sites or media are being weighed by google.

    Really interesting.

    1. I agree. Very interesting presentation, even without the full context it is possible to understand the experiment and the very interesting results.

  2. Was I correct in my interpretation of your slide presentation that G+ shares and relevant content / keywords helps local rank? This is true in March 2017? Great presentation!

  3. I have a burning question for you Mike! Or actually a few. (Btw I was hoping to make it to your local U in Santa Monica but, unfortunately, my husband is having major surgery two days later. I hope to make the next one! I do have a good friend who is attending.) Okay, so here goes: (1) have you seen local rank drops from http to https conversions (when done properly)? If so, have those people rebounded? If so, how long did that take? (2) (more important) do you think G+ shares, plus ones, etc, from several years ago would still be helping a site rank well in local? Thanks very much for any info!

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