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For a company that now professes to be mobile first Google’s mobile review experience seems opaque and not generally accessible. It’s a Google Maps app only affair and if you are an iPhone user you might not know that. But they are making small strides in the app. 

I just downloaded a February 26th update to iOS Google Maps app which has now started to channel Yelp (again) by asking for feedback on specific restaurant features like whether it is good for groups or not:

The app also now notes (like the  Android app several months ago) whether a reviewer is part of Google’s  Local Guide program:

Update Nick Rink has taken the time to detail all of the questions that Google now asks:

Yep, looks like it pops up only for places that you’ve personally reviewed, and only for restaurant, bar type locations. It seems to ask 3 initial questions and then say “Help Again” which leads to another round of questions. Here’s the full list that I’ve seen so far:

Is this place good for special occasions 

Is this place good for groups 

Is this place family friendly 

Is it quiet here 

Is this place good value 

Is this place popular for breakfast 

Is this place popular for lunch 

Is this place popular for dinner

Is there usually a wait here

PS I apologize to Nick for not providing more credit but I am writing and editing this post on my iPhone which tends to limit me somewhat.

Update 3/8

They do also ask two questions on a hotel reviews (so it may be other review types as well):

-is it family friendly?

-is it a good value?

Unlike with restaurant reviews there were no options that I could see for answering more questions than just the two. 

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
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11 thoughts on “Minor Upgrade to Google Maps iOS App”

  1. Nice, but where does that info go? And can I filter a search with that info? This is where Yelp is better, IMO. They have great templates on nearly all businesses addressing the same criteria (free wifi?, accepts credit cards?, free parking?, etc.).

    1. Troy google is the Kirby vacuum of the new millennia. Suck it all in and never spit it out. I assume that it will be used to improve search if it stays around long enough to gather real data.

  2. Mike said “google is the Kirby vacuum of the new millennia”. Mike, I love it… that is well said. 😀

  3. As well as the KG this looks like it would fit into the Google Maps “Explore” feature on mobile. Other questions asked are about whether a place is popular for breakfast, lunch & dinner, family friendly … that type of stuff.

  4. It was obvious for them to integrate local guide with this review feature. But, Mike, do they have strong inbuilt checks, which yelp has, to prevent spams?

  5. Just got one of these “Is this place a good value? Yes or No” pop-ups while at a Starbucks in my android google maps app. I wouldn’t mind answering these questions. But are my answers going to be publicly identifiable via my google username? Or will this data just be randomly anonymized? (Like the answers you provide in the Google Rewards app). Does anybody know?

    1. @Rockwell

      We don’t know exactly how Google is going to use this data. It does appear that it is likely to appear in some anonymized aggregate fashion or perhaps only influence search results rather than show. That’s not a guarantee just my reading of the situation.

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