2 thoughts on “Loci 2012- Justin Sanger”

  1. Justin:

    I enjoy following your insights and comments. I’d enjoy them more if you wrote more simply.

    though when you get down to your summary….”One Word – Trust”

    aint it the truth.

  2. Interesting thoughts but I disagree that social is the future. I know popular media wants everyone to believe that our future hinges on social and that Facebook, Google+, and Twitter are the end all be all of online existence but in reality I just do not see it from a local marketing standpoint nor from a long term FB/ G corporate plan (even though they think it is right now).

    Social marketing is uniquely different from standard directory marketing in that the two are completely different methodologies.

    Push vs Pull:
    Standard directories being a “pull” type of marketing where you put the information out there in a way that allows buyers to find you. On the opposite end you have social which is more of a “push” type of marketing where you are actively convincing/ selling a product or service.

    It is more expensive to push than it is to pull because you are throwing more money (time and effort) to reach the individuals who are potential leads versus pull where you simply cast a net and let the fish come to you.

    So what?
    Facebook and Google are public companies that need these crazy multiples of growth. As companies find that push marketing via the social channels is more expensive and time consuming they will probably scale back and adjust their strategies. They might find that their advertising dollars are better spent on other mediums that operate in a pull manner. In the end this change in advertising (ie loss of revenue) will force management to adjust the Social push.

    What does this mean for LSEO?
    This is a dying industry folks. You can not market a service that you can not control. With the rapid and erratic changes being implemented by the big boys we all face a real threat to our services. You have probably already started offering a broader range of services above and beyond the LSEO. How many of you are starting to market yourselves as “Social Experts”? And how many of you that are “Social Experts” have found it to be more expedient to simply advise rather than actually do the social work?

    Social is hard to do and much harder to do right. Once businesses go through the social test and realize this you will see advertising dollars moving away from the medium into other channels. From there FB, G, and others will be on to the next new thing.

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