5 thoughts on “Why I had to Take Chrome Off of My iPhone”

  1. Business decision imho. Bruce Schneier wrote an interesting article on Feudal Security which offers an interesting angle on the same phenomenon.

  2. I also think it was a business decision. Either way Google is more likely to add those features as the complaints and requests add up. When the cost of keeping people in the Googlesphere outweighs the cost of letting them go, we’ll see those features added.

  3. That’s interesting. On Android you can share from Chrome to every app that can display content, from Facebook to Evernote and anything else you install.

    I wonder if its genuinely a business decision, as it seems a perverse one to limit sharing specifically on the platform which has the least adoption of Chrome.

    Is it related to the way in which you can change default apps for specific actions in Android but not iOS? There’s something in the back end of the Android OS that allows different ways of interacting with multiple third-party apps.

    1. @ian
      The ability to share data is apparently baked in on the iPhone as well.

      Other Google apps do in fact allow real sharing although the magazine reader app Google Currents happens to add an advertisement for itself with each share.

      Given that fact it would appear to not be a technical limit. That leaves either a business decision or some development priority.

      Either way its friggin annoying.

  4. I also think it’s a business decision and yet another example of Google wanting to control the whole social ecosystem. We already know that they need more activity on Google+ so this adds up.
    And yes, they wil only change it if they receive a decent number of complaints, and even then, they will probably ignore it for a while.
    I also really like the Google+ app despite these things, and the IPad Google+ is also very nice.

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