is Joining Forces with SEOMoz – Local U is growing up!

Good friend and advisor, David Mihm, has just announced that is joining forces with SEOMoz. From the Getlisted Blog:

It’s a great day for us, but we’re equally excited for you guys, our users and audience. Everything GetListed has been about so far–giving away a ton of knowledge and as much great functionality as we could–is about to get super-charged with SEOmoz. With their technical expertise and design-savvy, we’ll be able to scale way beyond what we’ve been able to do as a two-person company. It is awesome to have this firepower behind our site, our product, and our Local Search community. The overlap between organic, social, and local has never been closer, and it’s only going to continue in that direction. It’s phenomenal to have a ready-made team in place that already has some great tools that address those first two areas. And then there’s SEOmoz’s amazing Help Team. Their knowledge and speed is going to help us scale our knowledge to the community so much better than we’ve ever been able to before.

This is an incredible opportunity for David and it is wonderful to see the success that has made for Getlisted. What does this mean for Local U? As David said:

We’ve operated Local U as a collaborative, cooperative, total team effort under the brand. We are all REALLY pleased with the brand that Local U has built on its own, and it will continue to operate independently. While Local U was not part of the acquisition, it’s safe to say that:

– SEOmoz will be involved on a sponsorship level on an extremely regular basis

– David will still be speaking at most/all of the events

– David will continue to offer input on content and logistical considerations and generally be a part of the team

We have already been planning several events for Spring 2013, including return visits to Austin and Seattle, and new events in Corpus Christi, Baltimore, New Orleans, and Houston. So if you’re in any of those markets, email for more details.

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10 thoughts on “ is Joining Forces with SEOMoz – Local U is growing up!”

  1. Fantastic news Mike!
    David is such a professional researcher and presenter; I’m sure things will just get ramped up even more with the SEOmoz affiliation.

  2. I’m so happy for David. He is such a great ambassador for the local search community. He deserves this big win. It’s a huge win for SEOMoz as well, as it’s scary to think of the awesome tools David will be able to develop with SEOmoz’s engineering power and marketing reach. Those tools will be a huge win for SMBs and the local search community. Win-win-win! Woo!

    Matt, make Local U TO happen. I’d love to get out east. I’m happy to help however I can.

  3. Agree, this is a big win-win for all involved…and for all of us in Local. The potentials for the development of top tier Local tools have just opened up, big time! So happy for David and for Rand!

  4. This is great news for all of us in local SEO. As a frequent visitor and random contributor at SEOmoz, I have always felt they needed a stronger “Local Voice”. Now they have one of the best.

    I am looking forward to watching what this will bring.

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