Google and Your Business forum wrapup – July 19, 2012

Executive summary: A bug fix again, a new bug and a new, old bug reappears. 2 Steps backwards and 1 step forward for the second time. Progress is hard to come by.

The details:
1- 00:24 A Bug fix- The analytics are once again visible in the dashboard. The is a new fix of the same problem as several months ago. Or is it an old fix for a different problem… I am getting confused

2- 00:52 A New bug- Editing a single listing in the location manager (bulk listings) can lead to weird behaviors on the Google+ page.

3- 1:10 A new old bug- Some businesses are once again are intermittantly unable to leave review responses. This feature sometimes never works especially when a listing has been claimed more than once but now it is even more random than ever

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
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7 thoughts on “Google and Your Business forum wrapup – July 19, 2012”

  1. If it wasn’t for Google being so diversified as they are, Google Local would really make me think that the company was heading for self destruction. Its so buggy, and verifying a listing doesn’t really give you almost any control anymore.

    With the rant aside, I have noticed that dupes seem to be disappearing from map searches, although some still show up in organic…

  2. Jade’s referring to a thread where the statistics problem was discussed. Though I’ve found some smaller ones I’m not sure I’ve found the thread she is referring to. Does anyone have an idea which one she is specifying?

  3. I was really hoping Google would have this cleaned up by now. The random inability to post responses to reviews is very frustrating to clients. One week you can post a review and the next week you cannot. We have not discovered any pattern to it and have decided that the Do Nothing option is best until Google sorts all this out.

  4. Now if they could only fix the “We currently do not support this location” bug I would be back in business. 4 months now, I have tried to make a new listing, change my old listing and it is still not working. I email them and keep getting the same “we are sorry for the problems you are having” response. Oh well, as long as they are making boat loads of money I guess I shouldn’t be worried about it.

  5. @Rick
    I know that it has been referred to as a bug… it was in all likelihood an over aggressive spam abatement process that closed some real businesses.

  6. This is a great video. Perhaps they can also fix the bug that keeps causing a business 30 plus miles from our Places location to keep merging with our Places listing for over a year. Perhaps they can explain why the Team thinks the merged data is “correct” when we report a problem?

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