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I don’t hvae time to write a post today, even though I have tons of things to write about. So I will provide you with this gem.

I have no idea what will replace the local newspaper in the future. For now though, it is an endless source of pleasure. This article in the local rag struck a chord for me (click to view larger):



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3 thoughts on “Local News of the Weird”

  1. The poor kid! I really hope the courts will be lenient with him. It sounds to me as if he got into some liquor and was not used to it. I feel sorry for his family and hope everyone will help him get this straightened out.

    What is that part about ‘failure to yield an emergency vehicle’? Are Amish carriages considered emergency vehicles? That seems odd.

    I don’t know what can replace small town news, really. I remember a paper in a small town in which I once lived and it published a monthly crime report. I distinctly remember a report in which two intoxicated men outside a liquor store placed one another under citizens’ arrest. It was hard to imagine what was going on with that!

  2. I think the failure to yield is a failure to yield to a police car with their gumballs spinning.

    We are big enough to warrant a daily crime report which I normally don’t read them but this was just too engaging.

    The vision of the buggy trying to escape the police car is an image that is compelling…. certainly the “crime” of dwi hardly seems to apply to a buggy?

  3. I’m not sure how this should be interpreted in light of history. I know of doctors of old who would, after making a house call late at night, allow the horse to “drive” them home, while they would catch up on much needed sleep. How would these deputies construe that activity today?

    Horses know their way back home, and probably would have gotten the young man back in one piece – except for the hyper-active “Barney Fife” type sheriff deputies out to harass anything that moves.

    Horses aren’t known for running into trees – or other vehicles – even if aimed at them with reins from a guy who’s been drinking.

    These police guys get more clueless, robotic and scarier by the day.

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