Small Business Influencer Awards: Vote early, Vote often and Vote for …..

I was recently honored to have been nominated for the 2011 Small Business Influencer award in the guru category. It is an effort by to recognize those “organizations and people who have made a significant impact on the North American small business market”.  The awards will identify the Top 100 influencers and are decided 40% by a popular vote and 60% by the judges. In the popular voting you can vote for a candidate once every 24 hours.

Whenever I receive this sort of nomination an internal dialog always takes place that goes something like… “ooh, cool… I would like to win ah but I can’t win, oh this is just a popularity contest but there are others more deserving than I … “. By the time the internal chatter has ceased the contest is over and I place 75th or so.

In this contest, since a voter can vote once a day for a given individual, a contestant needs a very large family, a very involved mother, a great bot network or a very supportive industry. I don’t posses a large family, a living mother nor a bot network but do feel that option four (industry support) holds lots of potential.

And this time I have decided to be more proactive, more assertive and more involved and not let my internal dialog slow me down… so I am suggesting that as an industry we get together and we Vote early, Vote often and Vote for ….. Lisa Barone.

Why pimp for Lisa Barone and not myself you ask? Well besides the fact that she has an Italian last name and HAS to have a larger family and active parents, I really think that she deserves the support of our industry for her tireless reporting of industry events, her relentless and smb focused writing and her voice. An opinionated, funny, off beat voice that is a voice of reason and straight talk in an industry that has its share of the opposite. She has done us all a favor and I think it is time to pay her back.

So Vote early, Vote often and Vote for ….. Lisa Barone. Not once but every day for the next 22…spread the word.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Small Business Influencer Awards: Vote early, Vote often and Vote for ..... by

10 thoughts on “Small Business Influencer Awards: Vote early, Vote often and Vote for …..”

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for the support, Mike. Not necessarily for the voting itself, but for the sentiment. I remember when you accidentally sat down at my breakfast table at an SMX and I was too scared and intimidated to say hello to you and I just silently watched you work, so this is pretty neat. 🙂

    Thanks again.


    1. Well thanks for your great work and thanks for the loan of that computer… I just had to get that blog post out. 🙂

  2. When i found out one could vote for more than one I voted for you also, Mike. Last I checked though, Lisa’s vote total is kicking your butt.

    Smart move!!!! Go with a winner!!!!!! Could get you a cabinet post!!!

    chancellor of the exchequer or
    big boss honcho of the local world

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