Nexus One Support Forum- RIP

This notice is now posted on the Google Nexus One Forums.

The Nexus One was/is a great phone but Google soon learned that 1) They couldn’t really sell phone without primary carrier engagemet and 2)They weren’t very good at support (no surprise there). The Nexus One was a great reference platform that defined what a “pure” Android phone could be and to a large extent has been reincarnated as the HTC Incredible. The phone provided, indirectly, a mechanism for Google to gain entree into the big leagues of the cell phone world.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Nexus One Support Forum- RIP by

4 thoughts on “Nexus One Support Forum- RIP”

  1. Google will soon own the world. They already have smart cars. This android hiccup is just that, a hiccup. They’ll “be back.” In the words of our Governator.

  2. Automated self-serve technical support can only go so far – when consumers are paying money for a service and are accustomed to having a telephone based customer service line, then it’s not unreasonable or surprising to know they want someone they are able to speak to do deal with any issues that arise during their use of the service.

  3. @joenade: Hey, Google Adwords customer service is always around. Too bad Google doesn’t treat organic and Places the same way. After all, they are making HUGE profits indirectly off of everything they touch.

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