LocalU – Twin Cities is Done, On to Cleveland

Last week we had another successful Local University in Twin Cities. Matt McGee has created a great recap of the event.

I had an incredible time and truly enjoyed myself as the Twin Cities audience was engaged and very savvy. While the event was targeted to SMBs there were more than the usual share of in-house marketers and SMBs in attendance. Many of them had read my blog and introduced themselves during the event. It is a special treat to put a face with a name or just to even meet someone in person with whom I have had a “relationship”. One person noted that while I didn’t know them, it felt to them like they knew me. That was very rewarding.

Our next Local University will be taking place in Cleveland on June 30th. If you are planning on coming use the discount code of MBneo and you will receive a discount of $50 off the standard rate of $129.

We are also finalizing our “agency package” that will allow professional marketers & designers to bring themselves and a group of clients. We are strongly committed to the local markets that we are visiting. The seminar is a great place to educate your clients about the value of some of the additional services that you might provide that they had yet to recognize the value of. If you are interested in such a package, please contact me: mike@bluemnthals.com.

We are also starting to look at next year’s schedule of events and if you think that your agency is interested in sponsoring a Local University, let us know.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
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5 thoughts on “LocalU – Twin Cities is Done, On to Cleveland”

  1. Congrats! The recaps are fascinating. You guys seem to enthrall the crowds with your expertise!!

  2. Are these events very locally-oriented? Or would it be worth someone coming from another region (I live in the mid-atlantic) to attend? The cost isn’t prohibitive and I get so much great information from the various blogs/sites of the presenters, I’m sure the workshop would have a lot to offer. But I also see some language in the description that seems to suggest that there will be a focus on Northern Ohio businesses, etc.

  3. @Martha

    The seminar is targeted to any smb, small web design firm or in house marketer that is targeting the local market. While a few example might be uber-local in nature, the content is of general interest.

  4. Mike- Thanks for bringing your maps knowledge to the Twin Cities. You and the Local U crew drew rave reviews. Now only if I could get my recap to the level of “great” like McGees. 🙂

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