Google Maps: The Good News; Rogers MN Has Been Found

I love Google Maps even though it seems that most every day with Google Maps is a Good News, Bad News sort of day. Do you want the Good News first or the Bad News?

The Good News is that Rogers, MN, the poster child for lost Google towns, has found its rightful place in the pantheon of American towns…it is once again visible on Google Maps after being missing for 27 days and some odd hours. The police, fire department and Cabelas can all be found and life can once again return to normal.

Like Rogers, Imperial Beach Ca can also now be found.

The Bad News? Wickliffe Ohio and Woodstock VA are still counted amongst the missing.

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Google Maps: The Good News; Rogers MN Has Been Found by

11 thoughts on “Google Maps: The Good News; Rogers MN Has Been Found”

  1. So do you think Google will ever figure out where Cedar Grove, NJ is? If you type it into Google maps it puts the location down by Toms River, NJ when it is actually up near Montclair, NJ. It’s been doing this for months and is driving me nuts!

  2. @Miriam

    I think I am on Maps, therefor I am 🙂


    does that mean then that Wickliffe Oh & Cedar Grove NJ have been permanently outsourced to China. “We are sorry to inform you that you will no longer be needed”.

    Cedar Grove and Wickliff OH suffer the same fate. They are in the bad news section of not yet repaired. See comment to Stever above 🙁

  3. I grew up near Cedar Grove. Used to eat at a diner and shop in Cedar Grove. Sad indeed.
    Mike: I suggest you be gentle with your criticism’s of Google. If they wipe out Olean, NY…OMG. You’ll be publishing from the netherworld.

  4. @Earlpearl
    Me being hard on Google?….I just want it to work correctly.

    I feel sorry for the Cedar Groves of the world. At least Rogers had a champion but now that Google has fixed 50% of the issues who will make sure that Cedar Grove gets found?

  5. Mike: much as I have a fondness for Cedar Grove, I’m way to busy. Now if they had a shop that sold bialy’s…..that would be different. Imagine not being able to find a bialy baker when you are in desperate need. the horror!!!! 😀

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