Citizens of Rogers Demand that Google Be Renamed After Lost Town

Apparently the citizens of Rogers, MN have created an on-line petition requesting that Google, renamed Topeka in honor of April 1, be renamed as Rogers until the town has been found on Google Maps.

Their petition states:

We, the people of Rogers, MN are looking to be found on Google Maps. Google seems to have misplaced us.

If Google finds the job too difficult then we would demand equal time to the wannabe town of Topeka and request that Google changes their name to Rogers in celebration of our existence.

Whether Rogers will change their name to Google is open to negotiation.

Rogers, Mn, lost since March 17, seems to have been joined by several other “lost” communities including Wickliffe, OH & Imperial Beach, CA.

This just in. The towns are dropping like flies. It appears that Woodstock VA has now gone missing as well.

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Citizens of Rogers Demand that Google Be Renamed After Lost Town by

8 thoughts on “Citizens of Rogers Demand that Google Be Renamed After Lost Town”

  1. @Stever

    Yes it is a rather drastic cut. But on the other side of the coin, think of all of the Local Listing Ads that won’t be generating revenues.

  2. I doubt google cares about these little towns that they have missed. I am sure one day they may be found. But until then I guess they will continue to know life as it already was.

  3. I was wondering why google had been using the name Topeka. On april 1st i went to google like i normally did but the name was Topeka. I didn’t understand why they had taken this name on. Its changed back now but it was definitely for April fools

  4. Was this an April Fools joke by Google? I know they love those “pranks.” Now I’m rather curious. Are there really a lot of instances where Google seem to wrongly name a town or have it somewhere else on the map?

    1. @Alicia

      The total number is unknown. Since they are mostly smaller towns the are getting reported in a very erratic fashion. One assumes that if we have found 4 there are lots more that are in fact missing. Hope you signed the petition.

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