Can Google GMaps Pass Ebay for Uniques in 2010?

Greg Sterling posted a Hitwise list of the Top 10 Sites for 2009. It showed at the number 10 spot. According to Compete, Google Maps is approaching Ebay and if it can sustain its growth, might even pass them in the coming year even without the Yelp volume.
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Can Google GMaps Pass Ebay for Uniques in 2010? by

4 thoughts on “Can Google GMaps Pass Ebay for Uniques in 2010?”

  1. No doubt that G Maps will pass eBay, I feel it is just a matter of time. With the API use that Google maps receives I find it had to believe that they won’t pass eBay sometime in 2010. Especially with some of the fastest growing business segments such as mobile and local. For eBay to stay on top they are going to need to make changes to their existing ways.

  2. I think that this is very possible. Google maps is slowly starting to be used more and more on smart phones. This transition can increase the unique hits because of all the cell phone IP addresses. IT could easily pass ebay in 2010

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