New Google UI wiht Local Listing Ads Heatmap

Last week I created a heatmap of the main Google search results with the Local Listing Ads in place. I wanted to compare the results to a heatmap of the new UI with the Local Listing ads. Once again I used AttentionWizard which claims a 75% correlation to human interaction:

New Google UI with Local Listing Ads (Click to view larger):



For easy comparison here is the heatmap with the current UI and the Local Listing ads:

Local Listing Ad HeatMap - Click to View Larger


Things certainly move in different directions and changing what gets looked at initially and subsequently with the local listings and the first ads seeming to be the most affected.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
New Google UI wiht Local Listing Ads Heatmap by

4 thoughts on “New Google UI wiht Local Listing Ads Heatmap”

  1. Mike, interesting that this still doesn’t seem to get the LLA’s much attention…the eye goes to the map, then traditional adwords in positions 5-7, then to a RE-search button (meaning that the ads aren’t relevant enough…as I speculated yesterday), correct?

  2. This is extremely interesting and can change the way search engines design there pages. This is an amazing program and will change search engines in the future to focus on where the clicks are. ad placement is necessary to make money

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