GoDaddy Provides a Neighborhood Level GeoDomain Finder

GoDaddy has introduced an interesting geo-domain locator tool, GeoMapDomain, using Bing Maps for the backend. It provides an interesting way to find whether specific towns, villages or neighborhood domains and variations are available via a mapping interface.

From the Bing Blog post:
The GeoDomainMap takes your location input and finds nearby neighborhoods. Then, it takes your keywords and appends your keywords, sans white space, and creates a domain name. It then checks the GoDaddy database of available domain names and returns those that are available.

Picture 83

Let the neighborhood domain gold rush begin!

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GoDaddy Provides a Neighborhood Level GeoDomain Finder by

3 thoughts on “GoDaddy Provides a Neighborhood Level GeoDomain Finder”

  1. Haha years ago I had to this manually by referring to Goole Earth when I want to acquire location specific related domain. Thanks for this great info sharing!

  2. This is a great tool to expand your website. It can help you focus on small businesses in niche markets. You can search for certain domains that get the most hits in a small sub city. This is great for finding non competitive markets.

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