SMX East – Announcing the 2009 Limited Edition SMX East Local T-Shirt

We are announcing, for immediate delivery, the availability of this year’s 2009 Limited* Edition SMX East Local T-Shirt!

The shirt is intended to commenorate David Mihm’s Ultimate Local SEO Vanity Search & raise money for charity. All profits will be donated to Google to hire a customer support representative. 🙂

If for some reason they determine that they are unable to utilize this largess, the profits will go the Mental Health Association of Cattaraugus County to fund the Lee Greene Memorial Scholarship**.

This shirt, available in a limited quantity is tastefully designed with David Mihm’s photo on the upper right crest and captioned:

Buy now as the supply is limited!


On the back of this classic T, done in a tasteful white with a touch of familiar color, we offer David’s tactful & classic answer to this important question:



* I.E. to the quantity that gets ordered

** My mother suffered from bi-polar disease during my childhood. Lee Greene was a family friend that functioned as a surrogate mother to myself and my siblings as well as a local advocate for those with mental health problems. A memorial fund set up in her honor to provide local scholarships has been suspended due to funding difficulties.

If you are inclined to assist then please make a donation directly to the Mental Health Association at their website.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
SMX East - Announcing the 2009 Limited Edition SMX East Local T-Shirt by

4 thoughts on “SMX East – Announcing the 2009 Limited Edition SMX East Local T-Shirt”

  1. Hope you got a T-Shirt with the same message for yourself, too. You guys rock and I’m sure sorry to miss SMX East tomorrow. How on earth can they shoehorn you all y’all into just one quick session? Next time, I hope it’s a whole day – and on the left coast.

    Donation made. Hope everyone who benefits from all your gems takes the time to honor the work of Lee Greene. It’s the least we can do.

    Truly, thanks for all you do.

  2. Thanks so very much! Your comments and donation are truly appreciated.

    I did nor produce a similar T-shirt with picture on it. It did not seem to me that it would be as effective having my photo on the front, I am cute but not as cute as David. 😉 Plus there was therewas the humility issue.

    Yes having the 5 of us each speak for so short of a time is bizarre. I will just have to speak really, really fast.

  3. I think the explanation for hiring the “cute” Mr Mihm should be:

    My SEO/design rates help subsidize my golf game. Golf Courses across the Pacific NorthWest need me NOW!!!

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