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How much enhanced reality is too much?

The new Email ‘n Walk iPhone application (via NY Times) is an iPhone app that overlays an image of what is in front of you while you are walking down the street reading your e-mail. Presumably this prevents you from walking into something or someone. Unfortunately it only shows what is in front of your, not to the side or behind so presumably its of little value in protecting you from muggings or bikes speeding by.

The good news? It’s free but it does come with the cautionary note from the authors:

“Note: We can’t take any responsibility for your stupidity, so please don’t go walking into traffic, off of cliffs, or into the middle of gunfights while emailing.”

The bad news? It doesn’t support texting.


Would you buy a 100 lb weakling?

In a previous life I sold computer hardware and still occasionally receive promotional pieces. Netbooks are all the rage for on the go & cheap computing. There are rumors that the major cell carriers will soon be giving them away with a wireless access contract and they are one more mobile step in the local ladder of adoption . One of the criticisms in the market of these Netbooks is that they are underpowered and feature poor. 

Now if you were selling a Netbook  product would you name it after that famous 100 lb. wimp?


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6 thoughts on “Local News of the Weird”

  1. I am surprised that a Sempre Fi guy like yourself would be attracted to the sand in the face kinda computer. 🙂

  2. I’m sorry, but people’s eyeballs are going to fall out! Reading email while walking? Shame, shame, shame. Look up from that phone, folks. There is life beyond the monitor.

    There, I feel better now, Mike.

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