State Attorney General to AT&T: Remove Illegal Locksmith Listings at

Legitimate locksmith’s have been attempting to convince authorities to pursue the illegetimate locksmiths for several years. They seem to have achieved a high profile success in Missouri where the State Attorney General is filing suit against one of the Florida companies behind a significant amount of the mapspam. In addition, the Attorney General “has also taken steps to get AT&T to remove the company’s ads from “The Real Yellow Pages” and”.

From the KCTV5 website that broke the story locally:

“Clearly the Yellow Pages has made lots of money off of this,” said Koster.

The state is suing Dependable Locks Inc., out of Florida, a company accused of flooding the phone book with dozens of company aliases and hundreds of phone numbers.

And the attorney general’s office has given the AT&T Yellow Pages five business days to shut off hundreds of phone numbers linked to the fraudulent companies.

The Attorney General’s listing of related companies had a familiar ring to it and many are still present in Google’s index. “The following are the alternate business names used by Dependable Locks, Inc.”:

–A#1 24 Hour Locksmith
–A 24 Hour Locksmith
–AAA 24 & 7 Day Locksmith
–A Always Available 24 Hour Locksmith
–A Emergency A Locksmith
–A Locksmith Always 24 Hour
–A Locksmith A 1-24 Hour
–A Locksmith 00 24 Hour
–A Locksmith O Always 24 Hour
–A Locksmith Service 24 Hour
–A Locksmith 24 Hour Emergency
–A Locksmith
–A Kansas City #1 Emergency Locksmith
–24 Hour A Locksmith at St. Louis
–24 Hour A Locksmith
–0 24 Hour Locksmith

As Glenn Y(who alerted me to the above story, thanks) noted in a recent comment on my post Google Maps vs Locksmith Spammers: Spammers winning: “Every person who counts on internet search has a dog in this fight. SEO professionals will need to get involved with the solution, or lose their ability to positively effect search for their customers. This is not about locksmiths, it’s about fraud and search.”

Here is the press conference that has some interesting detail:

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
State Attorney General to AT&T: Remove Illegal Locksmith Listings at by

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  1. IMHO its a good move by the State Attorney General. The web has opened incredible avenues to spam, distort, and misrepresent businesses. The businesses that are spammed/that lose customers and revenues are one set of losers. The consumer is a huge loser. It speaks to predatory business practices.

    As a business operator it chills me to the bone to think that businesses I operate are subject to incredible volumes of spam. Having operated businesses for over 2 decades and with a strong reputation for quality service, I’d hate to see consumers diverted elsewhere to competitors where the service is deficient. Of course, I have a far more and direct interest in winning customers’ confidence and delivering a quality service.

    As a consumer above all I want accountability from a provider. The easiest and most consistant service/product I’ve purchased long distance is and continues to be flowers. Years of experience have taught me that I want accountable providers. Years before the web came into existance I was buying flowers locally and sending them through affiliates to relatives long distance. Whether if it was through a local florist or a 1-800 florist…I had no connection and no accountability from the local florist. The web simply makes that potential connection easier…but without accountability….how do I know if the flowers I send are of quality?

    I want to know local florists around the nation…and specifically near the relatives to whom I send flowers. If I’m sending flowers to a new location, I want to read honest reviews of local florists. Then I can make an educated decision.

    The same goes with every business everywhere. Its a shame that honest business people with a long history of excellent customer service can be destroyed by spamming, whether its in the IYP’s or in the local business centers of the Search Engines. Its a wierd web twisting of honest customer service and an effort to deliver a quality service to local consumers.

    It was refreshing to me to see that Yahoo Local would take the time to analyze reviews and delete an inappropriate review as you documented below. Its refreshing to know that the State Attorney General of Missouri is defending the interests of Missouri consumers and real live locksmiths located in Missouri against the thievery of unscrupulous businesses.

    I hope there are more actions like this in the future.

    1. Becauses yellow pages went in to exsepting all the money they were paying to run a bigger add an spending more money to be picked first I dont no how they get good reviews when they are charging high prices an then I end up with a couple of bad reviews from jobs i never did an they wont remove them Oh & E local serch is partners is partners with yext I was told by 24? emergency INC part of the top scammers that yext E local services said they had a competor me they told josh he would get all the jobs an the same with yelp the more you pay to be up top You get all the jobs first Thats how it works You could put them out of bussiness if you remove them from all the internets an cut there ph #s Yes they try to get everyone on AT&T then your phones dont work right or someone is excepting your calls again

  2. I would have thought that this would be against the rules anyhow, i know that illegal operations have not been allowed on real phone books, and they are not allowed to sell on ebay.

  3. Oh, I’m so glad to see this went through! Glenn mentioned it to me, too, Mike. Congratulations to the attorney general, to the locksmiths whose burden will be eased just a tad and to the pool of users who may stand a somewhat better chance of getting hooked up with legitimate businesses instead of criminals using AT&T. What a story!

    And, you didn’t say it, Mike, but, “Google, are you listening?”

    Dave, I love your very simple explanation of what a user might want in regards to using the web to make a purchasing decision. That’s exactly right. And it’s what these entities that have jumped into the industry of providing contact data and user reviews should be providing. Nicely said.

  4. @Miriam

    I didn’t say it but I sure was thinking it! πŸ™‚ I thought they needed a break from hearing it from me and were perhaps celebrating for a minute or two that it was someone else on the hook.

  5. I’m curious about follow up. The action by the attorney general occured in early April. He gave the IYP’s 5 days to remove the listings. Does anyone know what happened. (Guess I could check IYP’s for Missouri) πŸ˜‰ duh.

    In light of this, I’m surprised Google and Yahoo are keeping the listings up. One of the articles referencing this story elsewhere showed how a member of the attorney general’s team called the locksmith was quoted one price and was charged roughly double.

    That is fraud. Its theft. What is simpler. If I were the search engines I’d take down the offending locksmiths immediately. If the engines want to work at curing the “process” involved in mapspamming, they can record everything in the records and continue to work on a systemic fix…while the offenders are removed.

    Right now, by keeping the records in Google Maps and Yahoo Local….the engines are abetting theft.

    Man oh man….if I was a class action attorney….I’d go after the SE’s, especially Google…cripes they have deep pockets.

    Keeping records in Google Maps or Yahoo Local that clearly represent crooks…is abetting theft.

    If the problem is significant in Missouri…imagine how large and signigicant the problem is nationwide…and how many people have been ripped off.

    Am I missing something here? Just take down the rip off artist records.

  6. I just checked googled locksmiths in Kansas City:

    First organic listing under the G map is superpages:

    Here is the list of the top locksmiths per superpages including sponsored (paid) listings:

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    and now all listings…..

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  7. Last thing:

    Look up Kansas City locksmiths in organic google. The first listing in G Maps…(a 10pac) above any organic listings… a link to what looks like an honest locksmith site.

    But…but…the site has 49 reviews…versus 1 or 2 for other locksmiths in KC. And the reviews…and the web page citations….are all for Lidia’s Restaurant.

    Seriously….one state attorney is going after these guys. Does Google want to stick its big fat wallet out there….enticing attorneys to sue them for aiding and abetting crooks.

    Give me a break google. Just ban the offenders.

  8. @earlthepearl:
    Thank you Earl, I have been meeting with attorneys, at least two a week for several months, hoping to find a pit bull of an attorney that recognizes how massive the damage that is being done through neglect. It takes so long to explain the scam in its entirety that most attorneys aren’t patient enough to allow you to finish. Additionally, like most businessmen, they want to make sure they have a case, and it is beyond me what they feel they don’t have to win this slam dunk. I even offer to do all the leg work of investigation, and that, perhaps, is creating my own problem, because I cannot afford to write a blank check to an attorney. Add up the victims: 1) Any legitimate locksmith who has had their name ripped off and used verbatim 2) Any locksmith who has not had their name ripped off YET but has no calls because of all the oversupply with the thousands of names, whether it be 411 or any SE, 3) The thousands of unsuspecting citizens whose lives and property are at risk because of the fraudulent use of their address without their permission, and last, but certainly not the least, 4) The consumers who actually think all those google map listings are actually a locksmith who has a shop at the phony address. The consumers who are paying these thieves through the nose to keep the whole thing going, and the consumers who sadly, make the understandable decision of NEVER wanting to call a locksmith again.

  9. People remember bad experiences much more than good ones, generally speaking. Consumers need to let Google know about their bad experiences. Gee, is that why it is so hard to provide feedback to Google about the madness of the maps?

  10. After re-watching the press conference for the MO State Attorney General, it seems more clear than ever that these listings are not done as he says by some individual at AT&T, it more likely is the self-service element of both Google and the phone companies are the open door for setting up fraudulent listings.

    I believe that AMDOCS or at least their self-service software product used by phone companies and yellow page directories may be a missing link.
    (check the product summery offerings) AMDOCS customer experiance systems (CES) may be the opening for the vast fraudulent postings.

    I’m spending lots of time looking at the set up of the frauulent locksmith listings, and I’m seeing some remarkable similarities, both in how they are meta-taged, and their PPC strategy. The reason I think this is the WHOIS domain search for one listing shows Registrant’s owning 16,000+ other domains. And the e-mail search shows it is associated with 63,914 other domains. see this at: This is not uncommon for the fraudulent listings.

    This tells me there must be a low or no-cost and high speed way to set up these thousands of domains.

    The other unsolved issue is: how fraudulent listings are doing PPC and not spending a fortune?See:
    $3 a day budget and yet the #1 position on all paid keywords, including those with costs over $20! How can this happen? There must be a low cost, or no cost way to “buy” all of these.

    Untill we know how to these listings and PPC’s are set up, we won’t be able to defeat or block them. Any ideas? As an rank rookie in this space I could be way off base here. Please let me know.

    1. @Glenn

      sorry your post was tagged as spam and I didn’t see it until today. (In the future ping me).

      On the adwords side the trick is to click thru the ad a number of times via proxy servers so that it gets a high relevancy rank, is shown in the first spot or two and that lowers the cost and keeps the ad in that first spot.

  11. These type of listings plague Local Florist shops as well.

    The returns on local listings on google maps have improved. Yet, the return responses under local listings still do not address search terms accurately.


    The searcher used terms florist and Anaheim

    Google returns:

    Local business results for florist NEAREST Anaheim, CA

    The return results should list all florist in the specified local search area first, and nearest should follow after. That is not the case, most often you may see a local florist topping the list, but the site is very well SEO.

    It is common because the return results header does say NEAREST.
    Therefore, if you look at the above using the above search words you will find there are some local florists from Anaheim, but they are not prominently placed about NEAREST other cities.

    The abuses of local listings has caused many local florists to SEO their sites as well. The way it is everyone is trying to find the proverbial end of the rainbow, but it is very elusive. LOL

    The listings under the above search terms do return some local florists in the first response pages. Yet, if you look at those sites they do not have the character of a local business. They are SEO hogs just like the internet marketers. This undermines the local nature of business and forces local businesses to become clandestine marketers as well.

    Afterall, when they have to expend all the effort to be SEO friendly why not extend the SEO to other local areas as well with a few more well placed keywords and landing pages.

    The local florist brick and mortar store has either got to get with the SEO programming or take a short trip to bankruptcy, because they just cannot compete on the web for customers.

    Sure, I’ve got some thoughts on solutions, but Google has their own. I’m sure there are considerations I’ve not though about.

    When people are looking for local businesses there should be specific responses to those searches that are local businesses.

    Return responses under the map are usually peppered with a few local companies, but the SEO optimized internet marketing and directory sites are listed first in results.

    The problem with that is the search terms are specifically entered by the searcher, but the Google algorithm doesn’t return those results accurately displaying local businesses.

    The florist industry is significantly damaged by these practices. Principally, because florist wire services require local florists to fill orders from internet marketers that use wire services. You might think florists can just quit using wire services…Wire services have been a significant service for florists since the creation of the Telegraph. It is a prominent way of doing business in the industry.

    The internet marketers represent themselves to be local companies just as the locksmiths. Some do have local addresses as part of their scheme, but basically that isn’t necessary. The internet marketers and directory sites have sophisticated SEO schemes, and Google doesn’t deal with them appropriately.

    Directory sites==

    All the directory sites are just advertisement sites. Interestingly, in order to sell their services they do actually place local searches in local order of the search term. In other words, a directory site would display all the searches on florist Anaheim properly. Only Anaheim florists would be in the top levels.

    Directory sites are nothing buy advertisers that poke in a few free listings to build more SEO keywords into their content. They are almost identical to Yellowpages in content presentation.

    Just search on the two terms florist Anaheim. Click on the return results on the first pages. All the sites are SEO with a preponderance of unnecessary information to acquire better positioning. You have to carefully review a site to determine where they are actually located, and in many cases that is not possible.

    Toll free phone numbers are used as well as phony addresses. I recently noticed in my area, where many sites were using phony addresses… even to the point of using another florist shops address.
    This is a bit much, but these internet marketers care less. They want their Ecommerce and toll free numbers to bring in orders. They inturn pass these orders from say Anaheim to an Anaheim florist via wire service and the local Anaheim florist has to fill the order.

    The buying customers name is not disclosed to the wire service or local florist. Thereby not allowing the local customer to do any marketing to the person in the local area that purchased the flowers.

    Consumers do not get the most for their money, but they do get quality flowers. In order to be a wire service subscriber florists are bonded to assure quality. So the internet marketers are taking advantage of a system of distribution that was designed to protect consumers and provide a necessary service by local florist shops.

    The sad part is… local florists are losing so much business. The wire services pay 20% commission to the internet marketers and then take 7 to 10% commision, plus monthly fees exceeding $150 from the participating local florists.

    The florist shops are small mom and pop businesses. The owners are some of the most decent people you could know. Most of the ones I’ve talked with don’t like the practices that have become so prevalent in their industry. These people aren’t computer literate and sophisticated enough to deal with a scam industry being built up around them.
    If you want to go into the internet florist business all you have to do is click on this link… or similar sites. You can buy templated sites all ready to go. You don’t have to have any inventory, equipment, shop or a good location. These sites don’t discuss the efficient distribution system of wire services until you get onboard.

    These types of go-into business sites have been around and will continue to be around. It is up to resources like Google to separate the flies in the honey. Local brick and mortar businesses should have preferential treatment in local listings, because they provide services the internet marketers cannot.

  12. I think my last comment may not have made it through filters. I screwed up and probably included too many hyperlinks. I wasn’t thinking.

    I forgot to mention many of the abusers of local listings have local phone numbers redirected to them.

    There are many elaborate sites built with powerful SEO. These sites are absolutely destroying the local florist industry. Face it, Search engines and internet access are now mainstream America. In my home, we don’t even keep a phone book. We toss them in the trash when we get them.

    The internet is our tool of choice. In my area, there are numerous broadband providers and the people are computer literate. The people are using the internet.

    Here is an example of an internet marketer that shows up as a local business all over the USA. I will disguise the hyperlink.

    http://www DOT DOT html

    All you have to do is change the costa_mesa_CA to anaheim_CA, tyler_TX, Athens_TX, Waco_TX, Norwood_LA, hot_springs_AR etc.

    Try it yourself, this way you will get an idea of how simply they put up their pages and their SEO sites are screaming at you as a local business all over the USA where you search.

    In fact, most of the pages will render in the exact format and color scheme.

    This can be fixed, and it should be dealt with by Google and other search engines. If the lawyers get into the mix with class action lawsuits there will be some very serious penalties and sanctions against search engines that embrace these abuses.

  13. http://www DOT wesleyberry DOT net/aboutus.html

    These people carry the lie of being a local shop right down to their about page.

    All their landing pages link back to the same about page, showing the cute little van in front of the flowershop.

    A deceitful lie.

    There is no way Google and other search engines cannot pick up on this kind of deceit. If not there is something wrong with their search algorithm.

  14. Just wondering why Hal Fink is on here talking crap about this subject when he is guilty of the same thing, Bethesda Locksmith, Wheaton, blah blah blah, no shop no employes just hal and a whole crap load of phone #s and business names. What a crock, Hey Hal give the Maryland Locksmith Association back their website you STOLE. What a low life.

  15. It should be abundantly clear that anyone who refuses to give their name is both a coward and in this case, clearly misinformed. Anyone doubting my credibility can search the whois records for the domain names and and see that I was the original registrant and have maintained the names continuously for many years. You are guilty of liable and I thank you for providing, in writing, the evidence I need to support my case against you for both libel and slander. I spend thousands of dollars a year to effectively market my businesses, and that includes legal registration of the trade names I use and the associated domain names. Just because you don’t understand the difference doesn’t mean there is no difference. As long as you continue to spread lies about me you will continue to have no future in the locksmith trade, and will fail to effectively compete in this difficult environment. Your attacks should be directed at the companies who are deliberately violating the laws of our state and fail to provide accurate registration information. Additionally, you should conduct a thorough investigation and find out that I am fact a victim of these scammers many times over. You probably did not take the time necessary to call phone numbers of a listing and find out that it wasn’t me at all, but a scammer company that uses one of my trade names without my permission. Because you have chosen to both publicly slander my good name and now libel me here, you will finally have to face me in court and no longer be able to post as an anonymous coward.

  16. A victim, are you kidding me? You do many of the same deceptive advertising techniques that the scammers and boiler room companies do. If you are so aggrivated by their schemes, then why do you do almost the same things. You were the webmaster for the MLA site and then would not give the domain name back to them once you were no longer affiliated with them. Many local locksmiths now inadvertently direct to your site when they ( local locksmiths) think that it is MLA’s site. One guy, 10+ phone #’s answering the phone “locksmith”. When you answer the phone, why don’t you tell your potential customers that you are a one man band who uses sub-contractors and that you are actually not in Bethesda, or wheaton, or rockville, but instead are on the eastern shore.

  17. Thank you for providing additional information about your identity. Any honest citizen can see that you are so proud that your mother named you “concerned citizen”. In the meantime, put another nail in your own coffin as you are building my case for libel, and I will make every effort to sue you for damages for the false and misleading statements you are making about me. My name is Harold Fink, I run circles around lazy wannabe locksmiths like yourself, and you are obviously quite jealous that I have much more skill and capability in marketing myself than you do. When you finally realize that you have made a serious error in your statements, as you have failed, like so many others, to conduct a thorough and proper investigation of who has created a problem for all of us, then I will expect damages for slandering my name publicly and now here. Thank you for continuing to provide me more evidence.

  18. Harold, you still havent responded to the FACT that you represent yourself as every town in MD locksmiths. Libel and slander, come on Harold, THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!!!! The locksmith profession has garnered enough support to get a locksmith license law passed. Where does that leave convicted felons?? where does that leave you Harold?? only time will tell what becomes of your GEO-NAME BUSINESSES…. hopefully in the trash-heap where they belong unless you are actually in Wheaton, bethesda, catonsville, etc.. etc…

  19. hey harold, also was wondering what the mis-use of a telephone charge that you received was all about? threatining another locksmith maybe??? now is that libel Harold or the truth??

  20. ANd also Harold, it says “concerned Locksmiths In MD” not “concerned citizen” you idiot. More than one of us. Plural locksmiths…

  21. not a battle just want to make people aware of who Harold is…
    Not trying to jack your blog so we are signing off of here, Consumers Beware!!!

  22. I see that the problem isnt just in america, the spam in england is just as bad, its hard for local companies to get anywhere on the first few pages of google maps, i hope google somewhere along the line resolve this issue.

  23. hello i found that there is company in san francisco that work with lco 4658 under the name TAASHUR ROTEM rotem its a she and she is 30 years old own avantguard locksmith. she is not the one that work, the guy name is itamar levi he is rotem boyfriend. work without locksmith lic#.
    itamar levi is illegal alien and doing locksmiths work in san francisco and san jose area.
    he over charge, he also have fake locations and he is not local locksmith he is a criminal and doing this crime oflocksmith work without californiya lic#. i want to stop this couple.they have rippoff evry day under day light!!

  24. Wisconsin Attorney General has filed suit against the Brooklyn NY locksmith company on November 2, 2009. —- It is very easy to determine if the locksmith you are calling is a bogus locksmith. They simply do not answer the phone with a company name. The usual satutation is: LOCKSMITH; SERVICE; DISPATCH or you get a mechanical recording like ” if this is call back….press one, if you are checking on …. etc” A real honest Locksmith always answeres their phone with their company name. After hours it may be possible to receive a answering machine but even that will have a name in the satuataion that will match the listing you found the number with. Tim

  25. You have to rely on reputable yellow pages company’s with accurate directories. We have not seen this type of action here in the Wasilla, Palmer or Eagle River Alaska yellow pages. Our directories are through the local coop MTA and not the massive phone companies.

  26. How can this possibly be fraud? If I search for a locksmith, get the published number, call and the services are rendered, I would say that is a legitimate service provider,

  27. Using Fraudulent information such as fake addresses, local phone numbers that are forwarded to out of state call centers, fraudulent reviews, or other ways to get higher listings are all still fraud.

    Fraud is the false information used to get the listings, and ultimatly the customers. If a company has nothing to hide, why would they go this route? Trying to look local, when in fact you are not, is deception. IMHO.

  28. @Mike Blumenthal:

    I work for a VoIP provider and I get requests for DL updates and got this customer through a reseller. the only reason I’m at this link is because Level3 largest voip provider emailed me on a Dir Listing change ticket and told me they could not work it…and linked this article and a couple of others. So it’s good to see that they’ve been outted…and I’m glad I didn’t have to work their ridiculous request for DL change!

  29. I stumbled upon this website recently after a google search for something specific and discovered the interesting fight between “concerned locksmiths in md” and “Harold Fink.” I want to say to potential consumers out there that I discovered the hard way that absolutely everything being said by “concerned locksmiths in md” is absolutely true. I would go into details, but I’m too busy trying to get my phone to stop ringing from harassing calls from a restricted number. Sound familiar? It’s all true – every word of it.

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