Blumenthal accused of Bad Humor: Pleads Guilty

Yesterday in my post making fun of Locksmith Hijackers picking inappropriate targets to hijack, I made a geeky Maps log joke that was so ludricous on all levels that I could not conceive of even one person taking it at face value…I was wrong both as to the potential humor and to the fact that not even one person could take it at face value…. it obviously was taken seriously by more than one person. To those folks I apologize.

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Blumenthal accused of Bad Humor: Pleads Guilty by

14 thoughts on “Blumenthal accused of Bad Humor: Pleads Guilty”

  1. Keep up the good work, Mike. Your efforts are important to the local search industry and we support you.

  2. Just for the record, I took that comment as a witticism. Sometimes, though, humor doesn’t translate quite as you think it might when using the written word. If you could have added to that comment a picture of one of your eyebrows going up, or perhaps, of yourself giving a big wink, it would have helped. Anyway, you got Dave with it 🙂


    1. @Justin

      From my point of view, it is strange that they are allowing themselves to be distracted from the real task at hand….FIXING MAPS. Far be it from me to be the cause of them all rushing out of their cubicles and burning me in effigy. 🙂


      “Google post though, I have seen this before and wasn’t sure if this was a glitch or blackhat.”

      I was hoping for a snicker not a sucker on this one 🙂 Upon reflection, maybe I shouldn’t write that April 1 piece.


  3. You woulda thought that the self absorbed folks at Google would have even been more aggravated in that I got taken in. Ah, its okay, its not the first time I’ve been taken in by a clever jokester.

  4. Well, I knew it was a total fabrication since at least 2 other SF florists were looking, too. 😉

    Honestly, a lot of folks are losing their senses of humor, especially the real B&M businesses impacted by the spammers, hijackers and claimers of phony local businesses.

    1. @Anonymous
      Well I am glad that you appreciated the humor but I am not sure that an “anonymous” is qualified to speak on whether I had “troll’s remorse”.

      I do not wish to even appear to attack any individual at Google. My criticisms are directed at Google as a whole. They are directed at a company that is more focused on profit than on the searcher/public/business owner despite their proclamations otherwise.

      It is not the Map Guide, the programmer or the system analyst individually with whom I have a gripe. To even be tangentially perceived as maligning them misdirects the argument from the very real and substantive issues that confront Google Maps. My belief is that these issues are systemic in nature and need to be addressed at much higher level.

      In the end, I do not need to defend a joke that inaccurately portrays those individuals but I do need to defend the need for accuracy and honesty in Local of which Google, for better or worse, has become the overseer.

      For the record the “joke” is still present in the post and readers can decide for themselves as to whether my apology was appropriate or whether Google employees don’t “appreciate” my humor…. regardless my apology stands.

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