Google’s StreetView hits Cow Country

When Google announced the “doubling” of Streetview coverage in the LatLong Blog a week ago, I didn’t think much about it. I presumed that it meant that they were now covering the top 100 metro markets instead of the top 50.

When I saw the StreetView of Devil’s Tower, I expanded my expectation to include well known tourist stops. I didn’t expand my expectations to include the rural hinterlands of the United States, including the low density cow country of upstate Western New York and NW Pa. I was wrong! 

They don’t cover just the city of Olean, a small rust belt town of 15,000 in rural upstate. The expanded Streetview covers  many of the small burgs on the lonely drive from Buffalo, NY to Dubois, Pa (pronounced Dew Boyz), and many of the back roads through Allegany State Park and into the Allegany National Forest.  My 10 minute drive into work along a rural ridge of the Allegany foothills is always a pleasure. I never expected to be able to share it with you.

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To see my daily commute, just head North (to the right) in the StreetView above.

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