Google Maps Redesign allows easier reporting of inappropriate Streetviews

The recent StreetView upgrade to Google Maps to more closely resemble the functionality of Streetview on the iPhone, has also improved the ability to report inappropriate Streetview scenes. In the Google Support Groups for Maps, the invasive StreetView scenes were a common complaint.

The link from StreetView takes the user to an interactive form that allows for a detailed complaint to be filed and a precise location in StreetView to be identified:

Privacy concerns with StreetView have been common and at least one German city has claimed that they will deny Google permission to take StreetView images. I wonder if this improved complaint capability is a (minimal) response to these concerns?

The form expands and allows selection of a number of specific concerns related to the above categories:

Privacy Concerns

This is in reference to an image of:

A face

I am reporting an image of a face that has not been blurred

I have found a picture of my face (or of my child’s) and would like it removed

My house

I have found a picture of my house and would like it removed

My car / a license plate

I am reporting a legible license plate that has not been 

I have found a picture of my car and would like it removed

Inappropriate Content

I have found offensive content, such as nudity, in this image


I am reporting an error in Street View such as a misplaced image, wrong address or misaligned navigation arrows

I am reporting bad image quality

This image presents security concerns


Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Google Maps Redesign allows easier reporting of inappropriate Streetviews by

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