Google Maps Kiosks found in the wild

Martijn Beijk has spotted Google Maps embedded in an ATM kiosk in Barcelona, Spain.

These Google Maps kiosks were widely reported on last fall when gasoline pump maker Gilbarco Veeder-Root announced that they would be included in a new generation of gas pump.

At the time, there was a coupon feature included that was supposed to feature local merchants. These coupons were positioned as a potential revenue generator for the local gas station. To my knowledge, these have not been spotted in the wild. This kiosk is using the API and only showing their other locations.

Has anyone spotted other Google Maps Kiosks?

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2 thoughts on “Google Maps Kiosks found in the wild”

  1. We’ve implemented kiosks for the state of Ohio that use Google Maps to allow guests to see where historical landmarks, homes, museums are located in relation to the Underground Railroad history in Ohio. Guests can print the map and driving directions at the kiosk to enable them to travel with their family to nearby locations. It enhances their day trips and enables them to make sure they don’t miss any interesting locations.
    We also have creative concepts that includes mapping in an outdoor outfitter’s retail store kiosk.
    We’d love for Google to engage us to deploy Google Branded wayfinding kiosks in public places. We have all kinds of great ideas on how that could work.

  2. @KioskGuy

    Yes it appears that they haven’t really reached out in that way. They do have a patent on a kiosk and they have some interesting patents on presenting variable contextual ads and information on them, but I haven’t seen any public pursuit of this.

    Your kiosks sound pretty cool. Were they funded through the State? Do you have a snapshot you could send along (


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