It’s not your mother’s Yellow Pages; Brain Injured in CA

Ok I promise that this will be the last twisted Google Local OneBox result for a while.

Searching on Brain Injured Beverly Hills CA I get the following OneBox:

Local business results for brain injured near Beverly Hills, CA

Brain Injury Lawyer

12400 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1300, Los Angeles - (800) 428-0304
Directions and more »

California Brain Injury Lawyer

16830 Ventura Boulevard, Encino - (800) 571-9333
Directions, hours, and more »

One just has to wonder about a lawyer with the domain name: that gets returned on a search for Brain Injured, no?

I just knew that there was a lawyer joke in here somewhere. The search for Brain Injured Lawyer Los Angeles even returns an authoritative OneBox:

Los Angeles Head Injury Lawyer  

12400 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1300
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(800) 428-0304
Get directions
More information »


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It's not your mother's Yellow Pages; Brain Injured in CA by

12 thoughts on “It’s not your mother’s Yellow Pages; Brain Injured in CA”

  1. That is good! Oh, the memories. 😉 For quite awhile, I worked on the search marketing team at a larger company that builds Web sites for attorneys.

    These domain names were common (apparently is still common) actually. Many of the sales reps would tell the attorneys they had to use them because that’s how they would rank high in “the Google” for all of their keywords. Good times.

  2. Dear Mr. Steinbrecher,

    My brain was amputated in a horrible accident yesterday. The doctors tell me it can’t be re-attached. 🙁

    I had been driving down Interstate 110 when one of those large overhead green road sings had fallen onto my car, sliced through the roof and off came my head.

    I do believe the US Department of Transportation, possibly the State of California and the city of Los Angeles may indeed be liable due to negligence.

    I propose a 50-50 rev. share split on the lawsuit proceeds. I estimate it to be about 1 gazillion dollars. Plus, if you or your internet marketing team we’re interested, I would offer an increased commission structure on internet affiliate sales of my upcoming e-book “When Heads Roll”.

    I would truly appreciate your counsel on this matter.

    Thank you

    PS. I found your website in Google.

  3. Mike –
    Did you know there’s a place in Canada called Head Smashed In?

    I kid you not.

    Apparently, you can call up the cultural center there and they answer, “Hello, Head Smashed In.” I have to try it myself sometime to see if it’s true.

    Your article reminded me of this.

  4. Apparently Head Smashed In is a historical location in Alberta where due “to their excellent understanding of topography and of bison behavior, [Native Americans] killed bison by chasing them over a precipice and subsequently carving up the carcasses in the camp below.”

    Fortunately (or not depending on your perspective*), the search “Brain Injured Lawyer, Head Smashed In, Alberta” did not return a lawyer’s Authoritative One Box. I checked. 🙂


    *I wonder how the lawyer seo folks missed the opportunity. 🙂

  5. Haha – that IS a missed opportunity, Mike!

    I love weird town names. There’s a town in California called Peanut. Even more confusing…there are two towns in California named Cloverdale. How can this be? Doesn’t the postman get confused?


  6. This is hilarious! Perhaps I should change my domain from my name to something like “” That’s the way to rank high in “the Google”, right? 😉

  7. Hi Andrew changing your domain name would only be the half of it….to get into the spirit of this movement you would need to change your business name to “Spotsylvania Wills and probates” or better, “Criminal Lawyer”


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