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The No. 1 Thing I Learned at SMX West (about Local Search) Matt McGee, Small Business SEM

Brian Gill was talking about the Yahoo “Local Shortcut” — when they show three local business listings in the regular Yahoo SERPs. Here’s what he said:”Reviews and ratings have no impact on reaching those top three spots in the regular SERPs.

He said they do play a role in the Yahoo Local rankings, but not on the main Yahoo SERPs.

Blended Local Results with Unverified Listings Eric Lander’s Blog

Yellow Pages: The Way into Google Maps? Greg Sterling, Screenwerk

The coming Duopoly Greg Sterling, Screenwerk

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6 thoughts on “Local Links of Interest”

  1. Thanks for the link Mike — it was greet presenting at SMXWest, as well as having Matt work the Q&A of the session.

    After the panel, the #1 resource anyone mentioned was your blog 🙂

  2. Matt mentioned he had a cool tidbit to share from SMXWest. This is interesting news.

    What do you think of that, Mike?

    Why do it differently within Yahoo Local and their 3-pack (or Shortcut as they are calling it)?

    I’m trying to think about the reasoning for having user reviews influence one but not the other.

    I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on that.

  3. Miriam

    Here is a guess for you: Yahoo uses a very simple ranking algo for Local. I think that by using a more complex algo like they use for organic they keep the spamming visibility lower and make it harder to get that kind of exposure.


  4. Ah, I like that guess, Mike.

    And, I have to say, this further confirms the points Dave was making over on my blog this week about the importance of organic rankings vs. local ones. It would seem that, especially in Yahoo, a thriving website is going to be extremely important to local businesses.

    Those Greg Sterling links were really good, too, by the way. That Maps/YP one was especially interesting, and very odd.

    I appreciate you finding and linking to these good resources, Mike.

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