Google acknowledges Adword experiment with Local Address

A Google rep has responded to an eamil inquiry about the reported inclusion of the local address in Adword ads (reported here and here and here) and acknowledged a limited experiment.

The source within Google confirmed in an email that they are testing Ads that include the additional address line with a small set of advertisers and are not accepting additional testers. The feature has not yet been launched and there are no plans to expand the beta at this time.

If the experiment proves successful look for it to be implemented in Adwords in the future.

Please consider leaving a comment as your input will help me (& everyone else) better understand and learn about local.
Google acknowledges Adword experiment with Local Address by

9 thoughts on “Google acknowledges Adword experiment with Local Address”

  1. Just to be a bit more specific. I have a business that has been a recipient of the address line in the advertising. They never contacted us. So if they aren’t adding businesses, one should know that they didn’t contact businesses either.

    Whatever the criterion are for choosing advertisers, its beyond me.


  2. We have received both. When the ad is the top ad and above the natural serps we have received the plus box.

    At other times if the ad is placed on the right hand side and under some other ads, it has simply had an address.

  3. Hi Dave

    I poked around majr markets on major search terms and the address is frequently there. Given what you said it definitely is not “account based” experiment as the email seemed to indicate.


  4. In fact I searched a variety of phrases and found one example where there a large number of ads with the top one having a plusbox and then one the ads on the side with an address on the fourth line.

    I’m wondering if the ads showing up with either the plusbox or address information entered there data in the google local business center. I’ll check up on it.

  5. I think that it is based on associating the ad with a business in the local business center via the Google Choice in adwords. It clearly isn’t associated with limited businesses that are in the test…but the display of the address could be a test…or it could be here for keeps. It has been visible since early December.

    It is an interesting way for Google to highlight an ad that has relevant local content vs a national that is just serving the market without bricks and mortar.


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