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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Google Maps: The case of the Missing Citysearch Reviews

Maps Guide Jen has provided an update on the missing CitySearch reviews and the missing CitySearch directory entries in Maps:


TOPIC: Restaurant reviews from CitySearch have gone missing


Date: Tues, Jan 8 2008 9:21 am
From: “Maps Guide Jen”

Hi Mike,

I believe this is a different issue from the Beefeater’s restaurant. As you’ve noted, Citysearch’s content is currently missing from Google Maps. We are taking steps to resolve the system error and repost their listings.

No need to call in the chickens or detectives yet (phew!)


On Dec 6, 2007 8:04 AM, mblumenthal wrote:

Dear Maps Guide Jen:

I am sure you recall the case of the missing reviews where for 7 months (from Jan 07 until Jul 07) I
struggled on behalf of a client to get his reviews in Google Maps updated. In the end Google Maps updated their reviews of his restaurant.

However I, like several other posters, now find his reviews from
CitySearch gone (Beefeaters Restaurant, Bradford, PA). Given the
struggle to get them into maps, the owner of the restaurant was
concerned about their recent disappearance.

Can you shed any light on the recent turn of events? Need I unfurl the
dreaded rubber chicken? Is Nancy Drew in the house?

Mike Blumenthal

While it may not yet be time to call the chickens (I had enough of those last week), it may be time to call the detectives! If Google can’t find these reviews, where did they go? I wonder if they will show up on those 18 minutes of tape?