Google Maps offering limited options to “flag” inappropriate reviews.

Update: Cathy points out in her comments that this is a Google generated review and Google allows this on any of their reviews.

It is not clear if this is an experiment or a very limited move towards user managed content, but Google is now offering an option to flag some reviews as inappropriate. Of the 21 reviews that this restaurant was showing, only the last one offered an option of flagging. It could be that Google was offering this option because the review was from a less trusted source or offered a star rating significantly less than the average.


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Google Maps offering limited options to "flag" inappropriate reviews. by

2 thoughts on “Google Maps offering limited options to “flag” inappropriate reviews.”

  1. Mike –

    Of the 21 reviews, it’s the only one originated directly by a Google user. The others are from third-party review sites so in order to ‘flag them’, a user would need to go to the originating sites.

    IIRC all reviews written by Google users under their own logins have the [Flag as inappropriate] link.

    A few months ago I reported one since it was more an ad for a competitor than an actual review about the New York-based company to which it applied. The review’s no longer showing but it could from the appearing/disappearing review phenomena many of us are experiencing.

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