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Understanding Google My Business & Local Search

Google Click to Call making guest appearances in effort to revive career

It appears that Google is once again experimenting with click to call in both Maps yesterday in India’s Google Local) and Adwords (reported earlier this month in the US).

The phone call is a critical step in the purchase process for consumers that start their search on the internet and according to Nielson research reported by Greg Sterling, “68% said they would most likely use the phone number on the website to contact a vendor”.

“This suggests that phone tracking should be used, if not already, to prove value to local search advertisers. It captures the dominant user method of making contact, which might otherwise be invisible to local businesses. It also argues indirectly in favor of pay per phone call.”

Google’s experimented with “click to call” in Adwords several years ago and in Local Search earlier this year. The Maps based click to call was discontinued in July of this year.

Their continuing experimentation implies that there are still “issues”, that Google is still working on the service and that at it will ultimately create that last link between searchers and the local business.